Consulting & Coaching

I help you to find orientation.

Through consulting and coaching services I assist my clients to navigate their industry: I enable sustainable development and growth as a business – and as a person.


Management Consulting & Coaching for people and businesses with  focus on Sustainability & Strategy/ Business Development.

What do I do

I work with organisations & people to enable sustainable personal and business development.

Consulting: I provide consulting services to assist my clients in developing strategies and concepts with a comprehensive look at sustainability and growth. In specific, we develop together new initiatives, business concepts and activities to reorganize your company, enter new markets, products or business lines, or assist you to find orientation in a changed industry environment.

Coaching: As a business coach, I work along the systemic coaching method and help my clients to find their vision and their role. I help them to grow as a person, manager or leader by (re-)finding their skills, resources and solutions.

Expertise: With decades of management and consulting experience in media (specific television & internet) , high-tech and telecommunications related industries, I can bring this expertise to my clients to enable them in their growth.

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Christian Knaebel

Management Consultant & Coach

As I consider this type of consulting and coaching a highly interpersonal approach, I felt it is important and only fair to offer these services under my name. Hence, you should also learn more about my background and experience - and how you can benefit from it for your business or personal development.